Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Dreaming Forgiveness

my eyes grow heavy..
..my breath turns rasp
life seeps away
death's within grasp

shut all my senses
nothing left to feel
my life flashes by
like it were a 35 mm reel

i see all that i've wronged
oh, how i now repent
i see those that i loved
alas, so little time we spent

if.. if only there was time
to right what was wrong
and one last kiss to my love
i wouldn't make it long

i realise i don't deserve my love
with that i've made my peace
but let me have my forgiveness
that's all i ask.. please

oh death.. dont take me now
come back when i am awake..
because while i am asleep
I'm dreaming of forgiveness.


Poornaa Venkatesan said...


_manGO_ said...

very unlike you

but the last two lines are reallllly good ... they made the entire thing worth reading :)

harsha said...

Poornaa : thanks
mango : I do a lot of contemplation :P

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

Well written. It touches on my biggest fear!

Gosh between this and your post at Contemplation... lol I am destine for some nightmares tonight! hehehe

harsha said...

@Helene.. thanks for the comment..
Hmm.. I really am writing some dark stuff lately.. scares me too :)

sleep well..

Ramesh said...

that was really great stuff, kal-el you touch my heart

Authoress said...

Very dark and gloomy. Good to read, but not to remember. Are those feelings within your subconscious mind, emanating in this form?
IMpressive talent, though. Hope to see a more positive light. :)

Jeanine said...

Wow..you are a beautiful poet. Love it!

harsha said...

@Ramesh.. Authoress Jeanine

Thanks :)

Doson said...

Lovely, Beautiful & Enjoyed

workhard said...

That was such a touching poem...

Haiku poetry

thoughts said...

touching poem. really touching.

harsha said...

@Doson.. workhard.. thoughts
Thank you

Shankha said...

This one is really a good read. Great work. Carry on. :-)

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