Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog - 101 - Pilot (aka The One With the First Post)

Why are you reading this?

I am jobless these days. Jobless to the point that I have so much time to kill that I cant even do all the killing myself.
Am thinking of hiring a hitman to do the killing if only the company I am at right now payed a bit more. :(

And so I decide, since I have so much time anyway, I could start a blog. every Tom, Dick and Harry has one anyway, so why not Harsha. :)


But being the perfectionist that i am :P I wanted my blog to open with a Bang.
I even did a google search on how to write a first post. See this

And this is what I find :

5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post
With a Bang

That article seems to have been written just for me. Anyway, I decide to follow all the 5 tips mentioned there.

The first tip was to start the blog with a question. I think I have asked the best possible question right at the top.
Moving on to the other tips in quick succesion, (I would rather my post wasnt overly long like some other "ramblings" or "musings"),


Humorous anecdote : hmmm..
Well, I once knew a person.One day, he drank so much water, he went into the restroom and didnt come out for half an hour. hahahaha. moving on

Invoke the mind's eye (have absolutely no idea what this means, but still) :
Imagine a big bucket. It is filled with water. In the bucket, there is a floating vessel. Imagine it filled with egg yolk.
Now put some Jam and flour and soy sauce and ketchup in it. mix it well. pour some coke/pepsi in it
What do you see.something gross right? exactly. moving on

Metaphor :

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
Ahh, the last one. A shocking statistic,
I searched for some interesting(and shocking ) statistic and here's what I find.
A research survey in America reportedly found out that 80% of people didnt tell lies on their resume. Now thats truly shocking. I wonder what the statistic would be for Indian engineering students. :P

And now comes the best part. Apart from the five tips mentioned, there was a bonus tip to truly end with a bang. I quote "A great way to close is to tie back into your opening.".

So, here it is. If you have reached this point of the post, Why are you still reading this?

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