Friday, October 17, 2008

Give me a place to stand

Give me a place to stand
And I will move the world
Give me a cup to fill
And I will drink the ocean dry

Give me a sad face
And I will bring out a smile
Give me a sympathetic shoulder to lean on
And I will cry you a river

Give me courage to fight
And I will win you a war
Give me a cause to believe
And I will bring you a revolution

Give me a violin to play
And I will write you a symphony
Give me a pen to write
And I will script you a masterpiece

Give me some optimism
And I will rule tomorrow
Give me a reason
And I will forever let it be /* thanks to Poornaa */


Please don't give me a deadline for my project. I don't think I can f**k*ng finish it on time. :( BOOHOO
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