Monday, September 01, 2008

The Heartbreak of Tubby Mouse

Hickety Dickety Dock
The Mouse ran up the clock

And so it was, that late at night
Nested away, out of sight
In that cozy little clock, in the alcove
The mouse did scurry, to meet his lady love.

"Blessed be the eyes", the little mouse said,
"that have ever gazed upon your lovely face.
Of all the mice ever, be they alive or dead,
you're the prettiest ever, I rest my case"

"Your whiskers' woven from silk, your tail's made of felt,
And the fragrance of your sweat, sweeter than cheese."
She blushed upon the flattery, while the mouse knelt
"I want you to be mine forever, will you say yes Please?"

She paused for a minute, stared at his pale face.
And burst into laughter, our mouse was in a daze.
"Oh my sweet Lord, this is all so funny,
You, my dear boy, were just my little bunny."

"Despair not, cherish the moments few
Remember fondly, our regular rendezvous.
Wish you could stay longer, my dear Tubby
But off you go now, there comes my hubby."

The clock struck one,
Down the mouse ran,
Hickety Dickety Dock


rahul said...

Awesome Master-piece man

not for a moment did i think that it was written by you :)

Twig Schandra said...

Wonderful? Beautiful? Na .. Na..
Just learned a word "scrumtrulescent" = "so great that any word used will be woefully insufficient to describe the work".
And your poem is just like that - Scrumtrulescent !!!

MyTh said...


Mr. B said...

Excellent will be posting some of my poetry soon. Thanks for the suggestion also, could turn into into verse?

FANCY said...

WOW...this is great I do like it...The way you are playing with words is really special ;)

FANCY said...

That was not nice I think you have missed something and you are welcome to pick it up anytime. Maybe if you take a look around you see that I have a mix of everything and all is depending what mood I'm in. Then English is my second language so I am really aware of that I don't write perfect - but - I try and have lot of fun doing it.

FANCY said...

No, I will not delete I think the comment is good and a loud me to explain so really I should thank you and I'm not first that I admit. :)

Aravind said...

dude... you have a deadly blog! not any less... not any more, deadly!

FANCY said...

I really appreciated your visit in my "cottage"...Hope you have nothing against that I have put a link from me to you on my site?

FANCY said...

Now I am a little confused here...are you ok?

FANCY said...

Thank you for letting me know ;)

FANCY said...

How is your study going?

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