Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mashup feeds

I subscribe a lot of feeds on google reader and sometimes the number of feeds feels overwhelming. Thus, in my attempt to organise my feeds I have come up with a couple of mashup feeds. Feel free to use them. I might come up with some more categorized feeds in the future so bookmark this post to find the edits.

Harsha's comic feed (Abstruce Goose, Dilbert, Cyanide and Happiness, PHD comics, POPsickleSTRIP, The Perry Bible Fellowship, We The Robots, xkcd) :

Harsha's Quiz feed (Daly Haal, QFI , Keep Guessing, Quintessential Theory and more..):

Use any rss reader to subscribe and let me know some good blogs/feeds that I might have missed.

ps : the string "feed" occurs 11 times in this post


rahul said...

What was the point in re-naming "comments", huh?

are you trying to discriminate on the basis of the dumness index?

this is prejudice man, i oppose it

ain't it ironic that this comment will be filed under "intelligent"


rahul said...

it was dumbness

harsha said...

see.. it is your intelligence that made you realise that what you type is dumb.
Bravo.. I salute

rahul said...

the 2nd comment was just to clarify a typo i made in the 1st

harsha said...

so whats your point?
were you dumb or were you not?

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