Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It has just come to my attention that I am a Googlewhack. :-) :-) and several more smilies.
The search string is "hex$adeca$phobia chl$orofluor$ocar$bon" (without the quotes, of course.. duh.. and more duhs).
This is Flying spaghetti Monster fantabulous.

ps : For those who don't know what a googlewhack is..
A Googlewhack is a Google search query consisting of two words, that returns a single result.

pps: Ignore the $'s in the string


Vinayak said...

Not any more...

PS - I love the quantum nature these googlewhacks have...

harsha said...

damn.. how stupid of me..
will edit.

Iluvatar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
_manGO_ said...

no you are not ... cos these words are not accepted by google

have to be recognised word for googlewhack

harsha said...

alright.. I am a googlejack then.
But it was still fun to fool many people though who did believe.

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